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How great is the risk of hiring an illegal immigrant?

The possibilities are staggering!

There are approximately 12,000,000 illegal immigrants in the U. S. according to the Pew Hispanic Center.  That is nearly 1 out of every 26 people in the U. S.   There were 7,200,000 undocumented employees in the U. S. in March 2005.  The penalty for hiring an illegal can result in one of the most severe and damaging effects to a small business.  In Arizona, for example, the employer-sanctions law will revoke the license of any company caught twice with undocumented workers knowingly on the payroll.  A business with multiple locations could face a shutdown of its entire operation if one undocumented employee is found at one location. 

This is a staggering, wide-spread, monumental, out-of-control problem!  Phony records to convince an employer, such as a Social Security card, can be purchased for $50.  The media reported in June of 2007 that the Social Security number of a young woman in California is being used by at least 81 people in 17 states to get work.  The Social Security Administration was powerless to stop the practice, so they issued the young woman a new number.  A 2005 report by the Federal Government Accountability Office cited that between 1985 and 2000 more than, believe it or not, 9,000,000 people got hired using Social Security number 000-00-0000. 

This is a national epidemic over which your business can be destroyed.  For your own protection, you must participate in The E-Verify program, formerly known as Basic Employment Verification Pilot (“Basic Pilot”), to determine employment eligibility of all newly hired employees.  It is administered jointly by the Department of Homeland Security through United States Citizenship and Immigration Services and the Social Security Administration.  Visit the USCIS Web site:
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