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We're committed to helping you create a safer and more secure workplace through the responsible use of information. Performing a comprehensive criminal background check before you hire a new employee can save your company time, money and legal hassles. Small businesses are most vulnerable because each employee tends to have more responsibility. Businesses with less than 100 people are more likely to incur fraud losses than companies with more than 10,000 employees.   Besides, federal and many state governments impose severe penalties for hiring illegal immigrants or undocumented workers.  Employees with a history of sexual harassment can devastate a business.  Conducting a criminal background check is fast, easy and affordable. You get immediate results, peace of mind and a safer and more secure work environment.  Reduce the risk of negligent hiring suits.

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It's not enough in today's transient society to simply run a credit check or report on a potential tenant. Credit history will help you assess an applicant's ability to pay the rent, but it won't tell you if one is a sex-offender, child-molester, rapist, drug-dealer, serial killer, or terrorist.  Incorporating a criminal background check into your applicant screening criteria can help keep your company, employees and community safe. Landlords & Housing Authorities can perform criminal background checks through our website and get instant access to criminal records. One housing unit or a thousand - our instant service and comprehensive criminal background checks are available to you online, anytime.   

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