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Customer Service/Refund Policy

USCRA maintains a No-Refund policy. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Mistakes or misinformation provided by the customer on the order form. Information submitted by the customer is assumed to be confirmed and acknowledged by the customer to be 100% correct.
  • Criminal record search results of "No offense records found". Every search that is processed through our systems incurs fixed and variable costs for our organization. Whether the search results yield hundreds of offense records or none at all, orders are fulfilled using the same rigorous standards and certified processes.
  • Failure to read the Report Description PRIOR to placing an order. Due to the variations in coverage across state and county jurisdictions, THE CUSTOMER MUST CHECK the Report Description before placing an order. We can not be held responsible for records that are not included in our coverage.

Any chargebacks resulting from an order that falls under the No Refund Policy will be sent to a collection agency for immediate processing and if not paid may results in adverse effects on the customers credit report.