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Available Searches

National Criminal Record Search $10

Search criminal and sex offender records in every available state.
Name and Date of birth is REQUIRED

Ultra National Criminal Record Search $12

Identify all names and addresses associated with a social security number; then search criminal and sex offender records in every available state for those names and the date of birth provided.
Name, Date of Birth and SSN are REQUIRED

Please verify the information returned by each jurisdiction PRIOR to running a search by reading the Report Description for the specific area you're searching. (If you're conducting a national search, read them all.) You should also view a Sample Report and read our Refund Policy carefully prior to ordering a search. Because mistakes may occur when trying to investigate a particular person based solely upon name and other identifiers, we require the date of birth of the person whose record you are searching. Extreme care must be used in the review and use of the information available through this site.