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Our Mission

Our mission is to help you create a safer environment. We do this by making criminal files available to help you avoid deception about a criminal?s past and
by contributing 20% of our fees from searches made by the public to domestic violence prevention organizations and to first responders such as military, law
enforcement, firefighters and medics. Our goal is to help reduce violent crime,
child and caregiver abuse, and investment fraud. We want to:

  • provide an option so better informed decisions can be made in personal and business relationships
  • have our government remove the cloak of secrecy that prevents public access to many criminal files
  • help locate wanted criminals as a result of criminal files inquiries to our database.

The national criminal files database is not accessible by the public and numerous states do not make criminal files available, including information about registered sex offenders. Criminal files that are open to the public are limited in many jurisdictions to felons who have been imprisoned. Information about convictions that do not lead to imprisonment is not accessible in those jurisdictions.

Our founders believe that every jurisdiction, including the federal government, should allow public access to that portion of the criminal files database that contains information similar to that found in our reports of anyone convicted of a felony.

This is not a radical idea.  Presently we all have access to public records ranging from voter rolls, property ownership, liens, contracts, bankruptcies, judgments, birth and death certificates, marriage licenses and a host of other documents that require recording at city, county, state and federal levels. However, for some inexplicable reason, criminal files are safeguarded and kept from public access. The criminal is protected!

We believe that opening up the "results" portion of all criminal files would have a major and measurable effect in reduction of violent crime and investor fraud by making available to every individual extremely important data helpful in assessing personal or business relationships. We urge your support in expressing a similar opinion to your elected officials to remove the cloak of government secrecy that permits felons to commit crime after crime on unsuspecting victims. Please write to your governor and legislators and make your opinion known.


US Criminal Records Agency is dedicated to a friend of the founder’s whose 16 year-old daughter was murdered in 2000. She lost her life because a careless and uninformed relationship undertaken by her mother brought the killer to live in their home. The child's body was found in the spring of 2001. The mother suffers the pain of losing her child and the guilt of having invited the killer into their home. Had she performed a background search she would have learned that her new boyfriend had 19 criminal charges filed against him during the past 6 years.

We also dedicate this project to the thousands of women and men who make it their life’s mission to stop violence and help victims. Only those of us who work with these great people who commit their lives to this cause understand the depth of their motivation and the special place they hold in the hearts of those they help.